WOLF, U.S. family of communal leaders with branches in Philadelphia and Washington. The brothers ELIAS WOLF (1820–after 1881) and ABRAHAM and LEVI WOLF (1811–1893) were born in Bavaria and emigrated to the United States. Elias Wolf arrived about 1840, going to Philadelphia. He obtained a good education, particularly in Hebrew. After a few years he went to Wilmington, North Carolina, and in 1850 to Ulrichsville, Ohio. He settled permanently in Philadelphia in 1856, where with his brothers he managed the family manufacturing interests. The family established and kept a close association with Rodeph Shalom Congregation, with Elias Wolf serving as vice president in 1867 and as president in 1871. All of Elias Wolf's five sons took part in communal life in Philadelphia. EDWIN (1855–1934) was born in Ulrichsville a year before his father returned to Philadelphia for good. He was educated in public schools and then joined his father's business, taking over when the latter retired in 1877. Subsequently he left the firm due to ill health and in the 1880s worked with his brothers in their various enterprises. In later life he held a number of civic and communal positions, serving on the Philadelphia Board of Education, to which he was   elected in 1901, as president of the Jewish Publication Society from 1903 to 1913, and as chairman of the Board of Governors of Dropsie College. Edwin Wolf's son MORRIS (1883–1978) was born in Philadelphia. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar in 1903. For more than 50 years he was a senior partner of the well-known firm of Wolf, Block, Schorr, and Solis-Cohen in Philadelphia, which he had founded in 1903. He served as assistant district attorney for the city of Philadelphia in 1909–10, as state deputy attorney general in 1913–14, and as a member of the Court of Common Pleas after 1930. One of his legal clients was the noted book dealer abraham simon wolf rosenbach . Morris became a prominent bibliophile and book collector in his own right as a result of his contacts with Rosenbach. Morris' son EDWIN WOLF II (1911–1991) was a librarian, historian of U.S. Jews, and bibliographer. At age 18 he began a long association with Abraham Simon Wolf Rosenbach, preparing most of the catalogs for the Rosenbach Company. Toward the end of his years with Rosenbach (to 1952), whose career he describes in Rosenbach: A Biography (1960), he managed the Philadelphia office of the firm. During World War II he served in military intelligence as a French and German interpreter and in counterintelligence. After he left the Rosenbach Company in 1952, he became librarian for the Library Company of Philadelphia (from 1953 to 1984), the oldest subscription library in the United States, with extensive Judaica holdings. In addition to his work in preserving the documents of the past, Wolf was also instrumental in presenting new works through the Jewish Publication Society of America. Elected a trustee in 1935 "in place of his grandfather," as he notes in one of his elegantly concise annual reports (see American Jewish Year Book), he served as president (1954–59) and from 1965 as chairman of the publications committee. Edwin Wolf II wrote History of the Jews of Philadelphia from Colonial Times to the Age of Jackson (1957), with Maxwell Whiteman; Philadelphia: Portrait of an American City (1975); and many monographs. His catalogs include Descriptive Catalogue of the John Frederick Lewis Collection of European Manuscripts (1937); William Blake 17571827 (1939), prepared with Elizabeth Mongan, William Blake's Illuminated Books: A Census (1953; repr. 1968), edited jointly with Geoffrey Keynes; Bibliothesauri: Or Jewels from the Shelves of the Library Company of Philadelphia (1966); A Flock of Beautiful Birds (1977); and Legacies of Genius: A Celebration of Philadelphia Libraries (1988). (Claire Sotnick and Hillel Halkin)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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